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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 19, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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care plan. we will have live coverage in the middle of the big snowstorm. we will see you soon. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: it's been a rocky 12 months for president barack obama and his administration. he came to washington promising hope and change and a new direction for the company but a majority of americans now agree that the direction he's taking us is down. and that brings us to our headline tonight, the year of broken promises. now, upon taking office, the president was quick to make a number of bold promises to you, the american people. now, the president claimed he would close gitmo within a year but we now know that's not going to happen. in fact the attorney general is now shooting for the summer of 2010 to close the detention facility. the president claimed he would stop reckless spending and veto all earmarks but he's repeatedly gone back on his word and even signed the omnibus spending bill which contained thousands of pet
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projects. the president claimed the stimulus plan would help create jobs and put americans back to work, but instead the unemployment stands at 10%. unfortunately that's just the beginning. i guess it's not surprising at this point in his presidency barack obama is one of the most unpopular american presidents in american history. and joining me now with more is the author of "a simple christmas, 12 stories that celebrate the true holiday spirit, former arkansas governor, host of "hannity: puck bee." it's an inside joke. i'm always told, when you're on, huckabee is there. it's been a good gig. you're selling books. >> i've been able to keep more promises than barack obama has his. sean: let's start out with an overall grade for the president. a lot of people have been grading him. he gives himself a strong b plus and health care an a minus. >> that's the danger of letting
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students grade their own papers. i would have to give him -- i would be charitable to give him a c minus and probably would give him a d plus. the reason is because he had an opportunity, he had more political capital in the bank when he took office than anyone i can remember in the last 30 years when he took office, less controversy about the process of his election and so on. and some of the promises he made, to be fair to him, are not promises he can absolutely keep because they commend upon circumstances. sean: oh, stop. >> let me finish. i'm not letting him off the hook. but what i'm saying is from a truly practitioner's point of view in politics you sometimes will say we're going to keep unemployment down. he should have known that was unrealistic and his strategies were wrong. but some of the promises he's made are process promises and he just flat didn't keep them. i would almost venture to say he's broken more promises than tiger woods and i'm not sure we can give him a mulligan. here's the difference.
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michelle isn't coming after him with a golf club but the american people are coming after him with their own version of it. because the approval ratings are in the tank. sean: let me go back to this issue. let's take health care. we've been debating health care all week. he promised transparency, we'll make sure every meeting is on c-span. the democrats were summoned to the white house and it wasn't on c-span, governor. >> not only was is not on c-span but was going on behind locked, closed doors and elected members of the united states senate were unable to get in those doors because they didn't want the people to see the sausage making. i blame him for that. that's a promise he could have kept and did not. sean: but that's not a small promise. >> that's a big promise. sean: you seem to be giving him a little wiggle room on earmarks. >> no, not on earmarks because earmarks he should have vetoed them. he said he would veto them, he said he would and didn't. sean: transparency, f. earmarks, f. lobbyists, f. >> a big fat f on the lobbyists
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because he made such a presentation on how he was going to be so different when it came to the influences of lobbyists and this president had to throw under the bus several people, including tom daschle, before he ever got into the white house because of the lobbyist connections and really signs of corruption. sean: let's break it down in the economy. he promised we would face a catastrophe and a disaster if we didn't pass the $780 billion stimulus. ok. unemployment wouldn't go above 8%, it's now double-digits. f? >> i'd give him a d on that. sean: you're far too generous. >> he believed it would. he's never run anything. sean: his intentions were good. >> i'm not going that far. i'm not being as charitable as you think i am. there's a difference between promising something you can control and promising something you don't control. he controls his veto pin. he controls whether he opens those meetings up and lets them in. he controls whether he holds a
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bill on his desk for five days on the internet before he signs it. those are things he has absolute command of. he does not have total command of the economic impact of jobs. sean: all right. what is the best thing he's done as president this year and the worst thing? >> the best thing he's done -- and i know you'll think i'm being facetious but the best thing he's done, two things. on a presidential level, his speech at west point where he clearly did at least have the audacity to go out there and say terrorism is a threat and that sometimes war is necessary. and that was important. sean: maybe i'm more cynical than you and maybe you're far too generous to me. >> i know you are. you were right about a lot of stuff last year. sean: the problem is, if he goes to west point and again is apologizing for america which is a separate issue, he only gives general mcchrystal 3/4 of what he wants and he says he's pulling out in 18 months and i'm thinking -- and he mentions war on terrorism but he spent
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the entire prior 11 months saying we don't have a war on terrorism so i believe it's political. >> i think he had no choice but to face the harsh reality we do have a threat. that's why he had to say what he did. he could no longer circumvent the reality of what we face as a country and as a world. sean: that's the best thing in your mind. what's the worst thing? >> the worst thing is the fact of the total mismanagement of the economy, absolute train wreck. this is a president who does not understand the free enterprise system, does not understand how capitalism works because he's never participated in it. if you've never run anything even so much as a snow cone stand, it's very difficult to believe you can run the country. sean: that may be a small component of it. but it's different than that. >> his world view is where it comes from. sean: he has a deeply radical world view, fair? >> his world view is that government's job is to basically help people because near too dumb to take -- they're too dumb to take care of themselves.
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government's job is to referee the game and do not get involved in the outcome and stay away from trying to determine the winners and losers. it's a total opposite polar world view. sean: let's look forward, 2010 -- the republican party if they stand on conservative principles -- this frustrated me all week. we've been discussing the republicans that bought into these earmarks infuriate me because they had an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the democrats and they blew it. some did. a few. but with that said, there is a big difference on health care, republicans have been strong, cap and tax, stimulus, omnibus, on afghanistan, on the war on terror. so i think they're positioned to do very well in 2010 if they stand on those conservative values. >> if they do. and add to that they have to be consistent on the issues of sanctity of life and marriage. for example, marriage has been on the ballot 31 states and passed every one of the 31 states. that's an issue that moves
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hispanics and african-americans to republicans. sean: governor, good to see you. thanks a lot. coming up, it's been a rough year for the anointed one and his sidekick joe biden. and just ahead we'll count down the five most memorable obama administration gaffes of 2009 and ask the big question, will president obama lend joe biden one of his teleprompters in 2010?
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sean: over the past year president obama and his sidekick joe biden have been no strangers to controversy. and in the time since the dynamic duo was elected we've seen when the teleprompter fames, disaster strikes. tonight we'll review the top five gaffes of the anointed one and vice president joe biden and to help me count them down is "the washington times" columnist and executive vice president of edelman p.r., tony
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blakely. good to see you again. >> good to see you again. are we start at number five. this is a basic thing, you respect former first ladies. after all, anybody that attacks michelle obama is excoriated pretty quickly but of course that didn't stop president obama from attacking nancy reagan. let's roll the tape. >> in terms of speaking to former presidents, i've spoken to all of them that are living, obviously president clinton -- i didn't want to get into a nancy reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances. sean: did you notice the one thing missing there? no teleprompter. >> it's always difficult when we work without teleprompter. he was speaking, of course, of hillary clinton who said that she had communioned with eleanor roosevelt to gain in advantage. it is true mrs. reagan -- i worked on the reagan staff.
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she did give astrological consideration to the president's schedule. now, i have to say that senior historians are now saying ronald reagan is one of the four greatest presidents in history, so maybe the president should ask michelle to start setting astrology and work on his schedule. right now he's flying to copenhagen where there's a snowstorm where they're discussing global warming. it worked well for the reagans and maybe it will work well for obama and his wife. sean: the snowstorm is about to give away $100 billion a year. >> what's $100 billion. sean: with this amount of debt we might as well go for broke -- no, i'm sorry, we are going for broke. remember, he gives the queen an ipod and it had downloads of the anointed one's speeches. and then he gets gordon brown d.v.d.'s. this is what -- he gives the
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prime minister -- i'm thinking, can you think of something a little bit better than a d.v.d. collection? >> you know, clearly if there were a nobel prize for gift giving he would not be in contention. now, i have to say in fairness most of us men would not be in contention for gift giving. i tend to think you can't overdo buying victoria secret for your wife and my wife thinks maybe you can overdo that. men are not very good -- sean: maybe you gave more information than we wanted but these d.v.d.'s, they can't even use them in britain. >> look, it was clearly an embarrassing situation. he has advisors from the state department on protocol that can help the president, you know. i know with reagan we had all those people. we always did. they're career civil servants and figure out the right gifts to give. i think the president ought to now rely on his professional staff rather than sort of improvise himself. sean: one of the big
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controversies is when the president, for whatever reason, when this cambridge police incident happened and the harvard professor, his friend was involved in this thing. he comes out and he says the police -- acknowledging he didn't know any facts, acted stupidly. let's roll the tape. >> no, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that, but i think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. number two, that the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. sean: can we make a rule? when you start out a sentence, not having been there and not having seen all the facts, shut up. i mean, at that point, it's over. >> it's interesting. that is sort of like a classic mistake that people can make. to say i don't know the facts but here's my opinion, it's to
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describe a prejudgment, as the word phrases go. i learned a long time ago never use the word "stupid" if you talk about someone else in public and we all make mistakes and vulnerable to that charge, but it was a particularly remarkable moment for him to say, i don't know the facts but here's what i think. most of us do that but we try to hide the first statement before we do the second one. sean: there's got to be a rule. i wasn't there and i don't know all the facts. that's it. until i do, i'm going to be quiet until then. >> my hunch is he won't make that mistake again. sean: again, you take away the teleprompter and he's in trouble which is -- we're going to spread the wealth around. let's go to joe biden. here the country is worried about the h1n1 virus and he goes on one of the morning shows, i think it was "the today show" and makes a statement, i'm telling my families don't ride the subways
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or go where there's large groups of people. this is the vice president of our country. rom the tape. >> i would tell members of my family, and i have, i wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now. it's not that you're going to mexico, it's you're in a confined aircraft and when one person sneezes it goes all the way through the aircraft. that's me. i would not be at this point, if they had another way of transportation, suggesting they ride the subway. sean: wow! >> you know, you've got to love joe. this is what michael kinsley called a washington gaffe. it was he told the truth but you can't tell the truth. the truth is, obviously, if you are worried about contamination from some disease, you don't want to be within six feet of a lot of other people. now, unfortunately, the policy of the obama administration was to encourage people to continue to use buses and trains and airplanes and the vice president went out there and said what he would in fact do, what you and i would do if we're worried about our loved
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ones, don't go around in a point of contamination. the truth is, interestingly, there wasn't great danger from the swine flu and now found out -- sean: well, there was. one in six got it and there were 20,000 people that died from it. >> yeah, but which is less than the normal standard seasonal flu. but nonetheless -- sean: we've got to go to the last one. i don't know how you justify this. maybe because you go on a comedy show, he's on with jay leno and politicians always get themselves in trouble when they actually think they're funny and try to be funny and here's the president joking about the special olympics. >> i imagine the bowling alley has been burned and closed down. >> no, i've been practicing. >> really? >> i bowled a 129. [cheers and applause] >> that's very good. yeah. no, that's very good, mr. president. >> like special olympics or
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something. sean: what can you say to that? >> well, i think the president failed to read "the best man" where gorbidal said the president should never use too much humor and just smile like eisenhower. because when you try to be president you put your foot in it. god knows the president put his foot in that one. sean: my advice is never give up the teleprompter and lend one to joe. >> cling to it like the old rugged cross, right? sean: right. good to see you. >> pleasure. sean: coming up, the san francisco speaker reveals her plans for the 2010 election season. wait until you hear what she has up her sleeve. that's n n n n n
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sean: tonight in "hannity's
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america" nancy pelosi is preparing the house of representatives for the 2010 elections. in that vein she is assuring fellow lawmakers they won't be doing much of anything because she is done sticking her neck out on controversial issues. according to the hill, she spread the word she plans to protect her fellow democrats from controversial votes. one democratic aide said, quote -- sean: sounds to me like speaker pelosi doesn't think the stimulus, the health care bill, the cap and tax have gone over that well with you, the american people. time to duck for cover, hope for the best. and a picture being circulated on the internet is the latest in a string of attacks against the former governor of alaska, sarah palin. this photo taken of the governor while vacationing with her family in hawaii shows her wearing a mccain campaign visor except the word mccain has been blacked out in a marker.
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some are pointing to this image as evidence of a division between senator mccain and his former running mate. governor palin is firing back and says she is simply trying to, quote, be incognito during her private family vacation. she told them -- sean: in other words to everyone reading into the picture, you need to get a life. and a group of 800 news watchers were recently asked if they approve or disapprove of certain members of the obama administration. and the results? they were somewhat surprising. take a look. leading all of team obama is hillary clinton, 75% had a favorable opinion of her and just behind the secretary of state is the defense secretary robert gates. believe it or not the anointed one, he only came in in third place. we would be remiss if we didn't mention of the 12 administration officials mentioned during the poll, the president's economic advisor, larry summers, he came in dead
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last. he had 25% approval rating. hey, larry, with numbers like that even nancy pelosi and harry reid, they might have you beat. sean: and tonight's "meltdown" is brought to you by the vanquished vice president. he made a big demand to the nation in a speech in copenhagen and wants you to join with him, quote, i will -- sean: hey, al, that first earth day, go look at the video. people were holding up signs warning, the ice age is coming, and they were wrong and so are you. and that is the news tonight from "hannity's america."
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let not your heart be troubled, our great, great, great american panel is next. >> ♪ looked a lot like daddy ♪
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sean: tonight on our "great government panel" andrew breitbart is back, he's a democratic campaign consultant,
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pollster doug shobe is with us and she's the host of, diana falzone is with us. breitbart, you didn't bring video, what's up with that? >> next year there will be more than we all can handle. sean: right here on this show, exclusively. >> i guarantee you. sean: bigger than hannah and bigger than james? >> and it's not just acorn, it's multiple organizations. sean: you're one big tease, we know that. but we have it in the can and will be talked about at length. >> yes. sean: i love this guy. by the way, doug, this is changing the face of journalism. >> and changing the face of politics, too, because people are learning they can't get away with the kind of outrageous behavior that's been a part of politics as usual so it's a real service. >> it's certainly not me. it's that i'm telling people on the camera right now, send your stuff to me. and that there's a new era of
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citizenship, a new era of, if you want to be a good earn american, then pay attention to what is going on around you. if you see corruption, report it. if you see corruption, tape record it. sean: it's having a profound impact on journal us him. the newspapers are about to go bankrupt, we see the big networks, their news programs are limited in their audiences now. cable is booming, talk radio is booming,, drudge report, they're all going through the roof. >> you're absolutely right. what we have is everybody is a reporter in some ways, everybody has a first hand account on what's going on. i could blog about something and bring light to it in otherwise there wouldn't have been. that's a wonderful thing. we have to take things with a grain of salt. i trust where andrew is coming from but i wouldn't trust the crazy neighbor living next door blogging about corruption or a ponzi scheme. sean: if governor palin writes on facebook, look at the impact of one facebook posting governor palin can have on the
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political debate. >> that really changes things, sean, because the political leaders themselves of both parties are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and the citizen, whether it be former elected official like governor palin or an ordinary tea party activist can change the face of our country and our politics. that's huge and that's different. >> a nightmare for "the new york times" which helped get barack obama elected. and it's not just "the new york times," it was the media at large got obama elected. they now have to play defense. media is about going after the bad guys. it's about going after corruption. it's not about protecting. it was a bad year. it was a bad eight years for people who were pro bush constantly on the defensive. so if people are losing money right now, they should get in the game and start reporting. sean: in many ways there shouldn't be this opening, you know, you have really exposed them this past year to the world. in other words, it used to be the networks and some of our
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nation's newspapers would do great investigative journalism that would be impactful to the political process, as you were pointing out, doug, in political debate in this country. it seems to be missing today. >> i think the problem is that they realize that they're in their end times economically, and so as opposed to doubling -- getting into investigative journalism, people are sitting there fighting for their jobs thinking, i'm probably going to be out of my job in three months, maybe four months, at most a year so they're doubling down on their political interests and not on the long-term interest of "the new york times." >> the audiences are changing how we consume and get news. given the extraordinary audience that you command, that fox news commands, it's not acceptable or rational to sort of say, this isn't journalism or news as the white house has said. it's just bad judgment and there are hundreds of examples of new forms of communications that are coming into play. sean: i agree with that. but look at this election year we're heading into.
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you know, i think this new journalism, this new media will have a profound impact on where we are and what the public is consuming, what they choose to consume. they have more variety, more choices, more options than ever before. >> and accessibility. what's so wonderful about sarah palin is she has a facebook account and doesn't have a ghost writer giving updates of what she's doing. she's actually posting and letting people know, your voices can be heard. i read her post in response to schwarzenegger today and she had over 1,400 comments from regular people who are weighing in on this matter of global warming and i thought this is wonderful because my generation was never politically active. sean: let me ask you this. where are the moderate democrats? >> they're tiring. sean: that's a great line. but where is that one democrat that is saying, you know what, we can't afford this monstrosity of a health care bill. >> here is the thing that's happening.
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in politics people want truth-telling and they want straight talk. they don't want political disassembly. they want moderation based on compromise, reconciliation and core values. you had a guy on last night, a congressional candidate from florida, his message had gone environmental -- gone viral and was compelling whether you're a democrat or republican and you didn't hear anything partisan out of his mouth. that's what the american people are looking for from both parties. they're not getting it. >> it's interesting you would bring up moderate democrats and talk about the new media because joseph lieberman is an example and so is el miller. when a person comes out and disagrees with the democratic party on a single issue, whether it be on the war or iraq or health care, the new media on the left, media matters, the huffington post, fire dog lake, will go after those people with a well coordinated, well-funded effort to destroy that person.
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sean: they've gone after you. >> i joy it. i enjoy it. i enjoy it. but it's another thing when you start saying i didn't successfully attack senator lieberman, he can handle it. let's start going after his wife. >> wasn't that horrible? sean: that was horrible. >> that was the new low. sean: his wife who is helping women with breast cancer. it doesn't get any lower than that. >> that was terrible. >> that's why we're heading -- things are moving to the right now because people are starting to see this. sean: we'll take a break and come back and discuss more with our great, great, great american panel straight ahead.
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sean: we fin with our great american panel. we're headed into christmas week. we have a new jersey teacher telling a third grader to put her bible away at school and we have a local news report. roll tape. >> she was crying, she was upset and she was hurt she
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wasn't able in her own free time to read the bible. the teacher told her to put it away and she put it in her desk and then the teacher told her, no, put that in your backpack. i told you to put it away and it hurt her feelings and confused her, why would my teacher say that i can't read the bible when i'm not bothering anybody else. sean: the school's principal shockingly apologized for this and said it was a mistake but this hostility towards religion and christmas and god, you know, it just continues with story after story. >> right. well, happy holidays, everyone, first of all. we have to be very careful what we say and how we address things. sean: why? if a friend of mine is examination i -- christian i say merry chris mass. >> the little girl will be thinking is there something wrong with me? i studied the bible, it was literature. she was doing it on her own time.
5:43 am
sean: you think it's literature or you believe it? >> i believe in something bigger but i -- sean: no, literature is a very key phrase because people that are christian believe that is the word of god. >> right. but from an intellectual standpoint in a school system, i do believe that this young girl was doing nothing wrong. i believe it can be taught in school, not as evolution versus -- >> the american way. one nation under god. i believe it is literature. it is the word of god. it is what unites us as jews and christians and to give people a chance -- >> what a great democratic strategist. >> no, i'm an american. sean: what happens every time you come on the program you get excoriated for being a reasonable human being. >> there wood used to be lots of democrats who sounded that way. sean: i went to catholic schools for 12 years, breitbart, and we learned about the core aun -- about the koran and we learned about our
5:44 am
judeo-christian heritage and we studied all religions. i don't understand. >> i grew up jewish, i was bar mitzvahed and went to a private school and did our father who art in heaven. and our parents didn't feel that was a burden on our family. i felt it was a great thing. but then again, there's nothing the obama schools can't come and fix. i think kevin jennings with his understanding of how to can bring -- >> my favorite topic, jennings. >> the juxtaposition of these two stories, the obama safe schools czar wants to teach radical sexual education of k-12 children and to find out simultaneously kids are having trouble who would like to in private time read judeo-christian values tells you everything you need to know. >> my feelings are very simple. i was proud to pray in school. i felt better and closer to my classmates, jewish, nonjewish, whatever, and it was part of a
5:45 am
american exceptionalism and what made us distinctive. and when we read about and listened to john f. kennedy's inaugural, fight any fight, go wherever we need it to go in defense of liberty. you know what, it was meaningful. what's like that today? i don't know. sean: isn't our founding document all predicated on this? >> of course. sean: endowed by our creator. it is our founding document. >> i think we have to be careful here, too, with this story from new jersey because i think the mistake would be if the school turned around and said, you know, we're backing the teacher, she had the bible taken away it. sean: it happens. >> i was proud to see the school apologize. this was something done on quiet time. we need to point that out. they're not saying no religion, no religion. sean: we have a huge cultural divide in the country and you've got the hard left and you've got people that have religious values. for example, you mentioned kevin jennings, if we want to send our kids to school, there are teachers, there are school
5:46 am
districts that think it's appropriate they can circumvent the values of parents and they can tell their kids, give them condom demonstrations, talk about issues of homosexuality, they contradict the values of the parents and their religion, so on and so forth, isn't the real answer to eliminate public schools and give parents vouchers, choices, competition. snob talks about that. >> i would vouch for that. but first we have to address the problem for much of the latter part of the 20th century american dealt with communism which was economic markism and what american was subjected to is multiculturalism and a war on judeo-christianity. sean: do you agree with that? >> i do. we're fight aguiar now, by the way, you and i have discussed many times, which is against al qaeda. it's a fight where we are at risk and our values are critically important. sean: tell this to the white
5:47 am
house. they think these are manmade disasters. >> political correctness has always been my battle. i talk about it ad nauseam. what political correctness is, is like an extra constitutional body of law where your life can end, basically your livelihood, your job can end not because of what happens in the court system but because of what happens in the media because we abide by it in colleges, political correctness happens. it's a terrible thing and we're dealing with it with that story. sean: good panel tonight. thank you for being with us. when is your book coming out? >> january 5. sean: we'll be watching. we'll have you on. and coming up, yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year and who better to celebrate with than the one and only andy williams. he sits down with me coming up. e
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sean: president ronald reagan once called the voice of andy williams a national treasure and i couldn't bre more and i'm happy to be joined by the author of the brand-new book "moon river and me" and the one and only andy williams who recently released a c.d. "moon river, the very best of andy williams." it's great to see you. i grew up with you. it's an honor. >> i'm a big fan of yours, i really am. sean: you know what surprised me, you talk a lot in the book, you fluctuated, you were almost scared to death to be onstage and often wanted to get off and make -- to get it over with. >> at the beginning of my career, i really was very nervous about performing alone because i'd worked with my brothers all my life. here i am 22 years old and my brothers decided they wanted to do other things and all family groups break up sometime. and when we broke up, i didn't know what i wanted to do. i knew i could sing but i
5:53 am
didn't know what else i was going to do. so i went to new york and started without a record, without a name, and it was very tough. and i was fighting to death. sean: i think you made it. i think you did pretty well for yourself. it was such a sad story to read in the book, you were close to bobby kennedy. >> claudine and i, and with ethel. we would spend time with them in their home in mclean. never talked politics. why would i talk politics to him. sean: you were republican and told him once. >> he didn't know that either. then finally he asked if i'd be a delegate to the convention from california. he said, i've got shirley maclaine and would like you to do it, too. i said ok. and a couple weeks later i called and said i hope i haven't mess this up, i can't do this for you. he said why not? because i'm a republican.
5:54 am
we never discussed politics and didn't know. but he said i hope you'll do it for me and you do, register as a democrat until i get in. if you want to go back and be a republican, go ahead. sean: you tell about the time you were with elvis and he invites you back to his hotel room and there were a hundred people running around. >> at least a hundred people. this was after my show at caesars palace this ended about 1:45 in the morning. sean: this is 2:30 in the morning. >> and then we get together in my dressing room and my rhythm section wanted to meet him and he was with a whole bunch of people and they would laugh at his stuff and my guys would laugh at my things and it really got to be ridiculous. he said let's go over to my place so we went over to his place at the hilton hotel and his suite was loaded with kids. there must have been at least a hundred. all in there dancing and having a good time. and this is like 2:30 in the morning. he said let's go on in here. we went into a library and he turned on some music and we
5:55 am
sang gospel music. sean: he loved gospel music. >> he loved it. sean: but he talked about taking the trip to the bathroom because he was using drugs. >> he was. sean: he used a pretty interesting line in the book, there was an eye soaping insight to elvis' life, a modest country boy caught up in fame, money and drugs. you saw this coming with him? >> and doctors there in vegas who were giving him the stuff. and i guess he had doctors in memphis and doctors all over. kind of like tiger woods in that way, every city had a different doctor. sean: apparently it did. you talk about frank sinatra, you say as a jekyll and hyde character and you saw it on display and you also tell the story, sinatra was friends with jack kennedy and built a house so j.f.k. could see his girlfriends while he was married? >> i don't know i said "to see his girlfriends" did i? sean: you actually did.
5:56 am
then one of the girlfriends was seeing a mob boss. >> sam girvings iancana. that's true. and the casino opened in lake tahoe with sam begin kahna -- with sam ginciana. he was two different people. he was the most charming, charismatic man i've met in show business. and he just was so gentle and so nice and so kind and he sang these ballads with such tenderness. and yet he would do such terrible things, you know. so i you saw him, you were at a dinner, lucille ball. >> lucille and gary morton and everybody with us and a guy who had been drinking too much spilled a glass of red wine, just pilled it all over gary morton's brand-new suede
5:57 am
jacket. and suddenly at the table where we were sitting got very silent because sinatra changed his whole attitude. sean: he was mad? >> up until that time he was happy and telling jokes. and then, you know, he said to jilly, he went like that and he went upstairs and broke his nose. sean: one thing i found interesting, you loved ronald reagan, too. >> i did, very much. sean: he was obviously a big fan of yours. you had recently some pretty interesting things to say about barack obama. you said he was following marxist theory, he wants the country to fail. you said you don't like him at all. >> i said i liked him personally. i had nothing against him personally. sean: you don't like what he's doing? >> i don't like what he's doing to america, i don't at all. sean: you think he wants to make it a socialist country? >> i do, definitely. sean: you said he wants the country to fail, what do you mean by that?
5:58 am
>> the same thing rush limbaugh meant what he said, he hopes it fails -- he doesn't want the country to fail, he hopes he fails -- sean: socialism fails. >> i hope he fails at his endeavor to turn us into a different country than we've been. sean: rush made those remarks to me and i never saw any -- it happens a lot with rush, people take him out of context. what he was saying is he wants socialism to fail because that's what he's advancing. >> that's right. sean: do you worry about the direction of the country? are we going to be able to overcome this? >> i hope so. you know, when he became president and he spoke so eloquently about what he was going to do as president, then he never did any of the things he said he was going to do. sean: no, he didn't. >> and he just went on his merry way, i think, towards socialism. and very left. sean: much more than what he said. now, just so people know, they get to branson, missouri, you have your own theater there, performing months every year. >> i do. sean: and you love every minute
5:59 am
of it? >> i do. every minute. sean: one quick note before we leave tonight, 2010 freedom concert tickets are available. we have great shows planned for new york, new jersey, cincinnati, dayton, orlando, jacksonville, tulsa, dallas-fort worth, vegas and san diego. and what a lineup this year, lynyrd skynyrd will be joining -- joining us and charlie daniels and michael w. smith. here's the best part, tickets are on sale. we have a special gift pack for someone you love, it's a family friendly event and the net proceeds go to the scholarship fund for the children of slain heroes and is the perfect gift for the holiday and the only place to buy it is at if you buy it tonight or saturday or sunday, you get free fedexed to guarantee christmas delivery. you have to go to my website at, free fedex and all the money goes to a good cause, all the net proceeds. i hope i'll see you


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